I am a certified teacher and home school mom to 3 children.  Audrey, my 8 year old daughter, has been taking art lessons from Yvette Jury for almost one year.  Audrey has always loved to draw pictures and is quite an artistic child.  She has learned to paint with watercolors and draw pictures in pastels from Yvette over the past several months. 

          You can tell how passionate Yvette is about sharing her love of art with the children she is teaching.  She works at each student’s own pace and takes a lot of patience and care to show the students the correct way or process of completing their art project.  Much attention is given to detail and Yvette explains every step in clear, careful detail.  The students learn why they should use a specific type of medium or how the light affects an object, etc.  She has a wonderful way of asking a student to “look” at their project and see some necessary changes without making the student feel they have done something wrong.  She then discusses with the student what changes to make and how to make their project the best it can be. 

          At the end of each lesson all completed projects are shown and each student has a chance to tell about what they did and accomplished.   Yvette is just as proud of the student’s work as the student is. 

          I would HIGHLY recommend Yvette Jury to teach art to anyone!  She is very professional and a wonderful person to know.  I can never thank her enough for what she has taught Audrey in such a short amount of time.


Rachel Smith



I realized that we haven't expressed our appreciation for the great work that you're doing with Alison. She really enjoys going to art class and we're impressed with her progress in such a short period of time. We'll do our best to 'spread the word.'

Mark Kenaston