The Gluck Method is a step-by-step process of fine art instruction developed over the course of a quarter century by world-renowned artist and educator Larry Gluck. Using his method, tens of thousands who were previously unable to draw or paint have brought their dreams to life and can express themselves as artists.
Producing beautiful works of art can appear almost impossible at first. True, the gifted few make it look easy, but what about the rest of us, those who weren't 'born' with talent.
What if there were a way to learn how to draw and paint without years of fumbling about, without decades of trial and error? There are basic principles to drawing and painting and here we have the foundations of talent which can be learned because it derives from knowing and being able to use bedrock principles.
The Gluck Method consists of information, demonstrations, exercises and goal oriented assignment - all arranged to build artistic talent from the ground up. It is the world's only complete system of instruction which teaches the full scope of underlying principles of drawing and painting. The method transforms someone without 'natural talent' into someone who has the talent to create beautiful works of art.
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